• Rimi Yang
  • Yang - Dancing Fields
  • Yang - Romantic Green
  • Yang - Rose Rose
  • Yang - Sound of Birds
  • Yang - Tierra Blanca
  • Yang - Element of Color and Shape
  • Yang - Faithful Time
  • Yang - Flower and Madam
  • Yang - Happy Garden
  • Yang - Love of Earth
  • Yang - Maternal Sun
  • Yang - Mystic Lady
  • Yang - Quiet Happiness

Rimi Yang - new paintings

This was the 4th exhibition here at Hohmann Fine Art of works by Rimi Yang. The opening on Saturday, January 20th, has been very well received. 20 new paintings by this popular painter were on exhibit. Available works are now on our web site.  

Unfortunately Rimi had just returned from Japan, was under the weather and could not attend the opening. We will re-schedule the meet and greet very soon, please sign up for information and we will keep you posted.

Rimi Yang was born in Osaka, Japan in 1962. Improvisational and instinctual, Yang’s paintings are intuitive balancing acts of color, texture, and technique brought forth from a self-professed chaotic emotional duality. Her work reflects a subtle blending of her Korean but Japanese-raised roots with life lived largely on the West Coast. This is seen through a juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary compositions infused with cultural imagery. Whether figurative or abstract, she builds up and tears down surfaces to search for reason. This produces vibrant and colorful explorations rich with iconic imagery spanning Eastern and Western art history. In 1986 Yang studied at Bowling Green University where she won First Place in Prints and Marietta Kirschner Wigg Print awards. In 1991 she migrated west to Los Angeles were she studied at California State University, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and Otis College of Art and Design followed by a summer in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art. In 2007 she spent time in residency at Pouch Cover Foundation in Canada. She has exhibited across the United States, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Europe. Yang’s paintings mix the complexity of abstract and collage techniques with a prominent central figure.


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