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Bernard Dunaux - Contemporaneous Views

Thursday, April 26, 5pm

We are ending the 2017-2018 exhibition schedule with a bang. While the gallery will be open almost all summer long, we understand that some of you may be spending the summer elsewhere, so before you leave, join us at the gallery for a glass of wine or champagne and meet this outstanding artist. We look forward to seeing you!

Bernard Dunaux has continually pushed forward to create artworks that are a reflection of our time, equally balanced and strikingly classic. In his latest compositions, the use of materials such as burlap, plastic sheeting and various industrial dyes add a contemporary and immediate aspect. 
His ColorScapes, well suited to large architectural spaces, are composed on birch panels with gesso, spray paint and a painstaking application of mixed acrylic layers. The process results in clean, “post numeric” paintings where the repetition of gesture lends a Zen-like feel.


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