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Bernard Dunaux

Bernard Dunaux has continually pushed forward to create artworks that are a reflection of our time, equally balanced and strikingly classic. In his latest compositions, the use of materials such as burlap, plastic sheeting and various industrial dyes add a contemporary and immediate aspect. 

His ColorScapes, well suited to large architectural spaces, are composed on birch panels with gesso, spray paint and a painstaking application of mixed acrylic layers. The process results in clean, “post numeric” paintings where the repetition of gesture lends a Zen-like feel.

Brought up in a musical family, the artist studied classical guitar as a young man. These years of rigorous training, and eventually winning a first international prize, became the foundation for a productive painting practice, providing the proper tools for freedom of expression and for pushing boundaries. Summer childhood vacations were spent at his grandparent’s property close to Monet’s famous estate, in the light around the Seine River, which has inspired so many painters.

Dunaux moved to the United States in 1981 after studying art in Paris. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and is represented in London, U.K, and through a number of galleries in the U.S. His international list of collectors includes several Hollywood celebrities.



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