• Cerny - Kafka
  • Cerny - Metalmorphosis
  • Cerny - Kafka
  • Cerny - Kafka
  • Cerny - Golem
  • Cerny - Babies on the Tower
  • Cerny - Babies on the Tower
  • Cerny - Babies on the Tower
  • Cerny - Fuck You
  • Cerny - Thinker
  • Cerny - Krychloids
  • Cerny - Krychloids
  • Cerny - Krychloids
  • Cerny - Krychloids
  • Cerny - Meat
  • Cerny - Pistols
  • Cerny - Pistols
  • Cerny - London Buster
  • Cerny - Man Hanging Out
  • Cerny - Speederman
  • Cerny - Streams
  • Cerny - Helicop
  • Cerny - Von Braun
  • Cerny - Oppenheimer
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  • Cerny - Xray Gun 2
  • Cerny - Xray Suitcase 22


David Černý

On June 5th, Hohmann and Grit Development officially unveiled one of David Černý's largest and most famous installations in Palm Springs, the Černý "Babies", The Ten 11' sculptures traveled from Prague, via ship to the US, and are on loan from the artist to the City of Palm Springs for the next 2 years. In typical Černý style, these faceless "Babies" have been met with mixed reviews but have created a stir of conversation nonetheless,  (view more about the "Babies" at www.palmspringsbabies.com)

David Černý first gained notoriety in 1991 when he painted a Soviet tank pink as a memorial to war in his native Prague. Since then his artistic acts of civil disobedience, grand scale installations, and exhibitions have continued to incite strong reactions worldwide.  In 2005, he participated in the Prague Biennale 2 with his work “Shark” - a riff on fellow artist Damian Hirst, which consisted of an image of Saddam Hussein immersed in a tank of formaldehyde. Famously, in a stance against communism in 2015, Černý installed a 30-foot-tall purple hand on a barge in Prague’s Vltava River raising its middle finger in a “Fuck You” directly in front of the castle where Czech president Milos Zeman lived.

Visitors to the Hohmann booth at CONTEXT Art Miami in 2017, got the first up-close-and-personal glimpse into the mind of notorious provocateur David Černý.  Hohmann followed the Miami Art Fair debut by featuring Černý's work here at home in this years ART Palm Springs exhibition with the artists "X-Ray Violin" case with hidden guns, grenades and bullets, seen floating in a resin box, reminiscent of objects seen through the eyes of a security agent commandeering an x-ray machine. Brilliance resides alongside Černý’s rebelliousness in his art. Many recent works were created through the artist’s proprietary and mind-boggling technique of casting three-dimensional objects from everyday life such as guns, tubes, tools, and light bulbs that emerge completely formed yet translucent as if on permanent x-ray. These items are then used in various ways, embedded in polymer resin, to either become subliminal constituents of an overall image, or as singular objects in a composition meant to impart a strong message. Much like the recently installed "Babies" whose faces have been replaced with a bar code stamp to symbolize the dehumanization of society - a very troubling subject to the Czech artist.

Černý is known for his harsh and often crass criticism. It has landed him on the BBC list of the 20 most controversial artworks and in the headlines of many articles.  Hohmann is pleased to represent the timeless, controversial works by an artist not afraid to investigate the political climate, war machine, and other social issues of our tumultuous contemporary times.

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David Černý was born in 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic

Černý burst into the public eye in 1991 when he painted a Soviet tank, that served as a war memorial in central Prague, the color pink. Creating extreme controversy with his work, this international sculptor has been described as “witty, exciting, kinetic, crass and provocative”. Černý is the son of a graphic designer father and a mother who was a restorer of art in the National Gallery of Prague. He learned his trade at the Academy of Applied Art in the country’s capital, studied in Boswil on a grant from the Swiss government, and also in New York City at P.S.I Artists Residence New York before taking part in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program.

His works are characteristically bold, courageous and reach into sensitive political, historical and social themes, all sprinkled with the unconventional artist’s sarcastic humor. In his hometown of Prague alone, Černý has 14 installations in public spaces that have become major public attractions. In 2001 he created a non-profit cultural art and event center in a former 1920’s glass warehouse in Prague, which he named the “Meet Factory”. Černý calls his factory a “multicultural supermarket”, as it houses a theater, music stage and 16 studious occupied by a total of 30 international artists.


1995-1996 Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York, USA
1994-1995 P.S.I. artists residence, New York, USA
1991 Sculptor’s residency grant Swiss government in Boswil, Switzerland
1988-1994 Academy of Applied Arts, Prof. Kurt Gebauer, Prague


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 Mucsarnok, Budapest
DSC gallery, Prague
Kuchling Gallery, Berlin
“Fuck You Mr President” Prague, Vltava river
2012 “London Booster”, London olympic games
2010 Mona Lisa gallery Olomouc
Gallery Arsenal, Poznan
2009 DSC gallery Prague
CO2 gallery, Roma
“Entropa”, European commity, Bruxels
2007 “Man hanging out” Chicago, USA
2002 “Cirkus Černý”, MAMA gallery / Netherlands
Architecture Institute / TENT / Politiegalerie
Various outdoor installations and performances, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
“Political Pop”, chromosome Berlin, Germany
Galerie V kapli, Bruntal, Czech Republic
2000 NYU, Prague
1999 Czech Embassy London, Great Britain
1993 “Artificial”, Spalova Gallery, Prague
1992 “Fertility”, Rubin Club, Center of Performing Arts, with Marketa Bankova, Prague
1991 “Draft”, Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, Medzilaborce, Slovakia
“Smallness” State Gallery, Znojmo, Czech, Republic
1990 “Exhibition for The Meanest Instincts”, Club Delta, with Tomas Pospiszyl, Prague


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 “Sculpture by the sea” Sydney, Australia
“Signal festival” Prague
“Light festival” Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 “Twente Biennale”, Hengelo, The Netherlands
“Art Masters”, San Moritz, Swiss
2012 “Biele Noci” Kosice, Slovakia
2011 “Twente Biennale”, Hengelo, The Netherlands
“Inspiracje”, Szczecin, Poland
“ArtBoom”, Krakow, Poland
“Cenzurovano” Zlin, CR
“Mapy” GMB, Bratislava,
“Groteska”, NOD, Praha
  MojA, Praha
“Nord Art”, Rensbourg, Germany
2010 “Twente Biennale” Amsterdam
“AntiBeeld” , Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
“Homo Erotica” National Museum Warsaw
“Colours” Dresden motorhalle
“Art Pricze” DOX Prague
“Dekadence now” Umprum, Prague
Danubiana, Bratislava
2009 Chalupecky Prize, Seoul, Korea
Monument ghmp, Pragu
“Po Sametu” U zlateho Prstenu , Prague
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
Pecsgallery, Hungary
Irokez Gallery, Budapest
“Katowice biennial” Poland
2008 Interferencia Barcelona Madrid
2006 “Project 2006 Beaufort”, Oostende,Belgium
“Shadows of Humor”, Wroclaw BWA Gallery,Poland
“Waste of Humor” Cieszyn, Poland
2005 "Prague Biennale” Prague
“Pink”, Tokyo nat. univ. of art , Tokyo
“Living Together”, Odapark Venray, Holland
“happy materials” NTM, Prague
“Beautyfreeshop” , Prague
2003 “SURVEY ’03“, Futura Gallery, Prague
“Aus Liebe“, Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, Remscheid, Germany
2002 “Politikum”, Prague Castle, Pragu
“Between Dresden and Prague”, Italian Embassy, Prague
2001 “to flow to”, chromosome Berlin, Germany
“A Sense of Wellbeing”, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
2000 “Czech History”, SKODA Pavillion, Autostadt
Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Germany
“Maso / Meet“, Chalupeckého Prize, National Gallery, Prague
“Bohemian Birds”, Kunsthalle Dresden, Germany
“The End of the World”, National Gallery, Prague
1999-2000 “After the Wall. Art and Culture in post-Communist Europe”
Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden;
Ludwig Museum Budapest – Museum of
Contemporary Art, Hungary
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
1999 99 CZ, Prague
1998 Atelier of all Sculpturing, Prague
“Nad Možnosti” City Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
1997 Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague
SCCA Kyjev, Ukraine
Joslyn Memorial Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Veletržní palác, Art in public space, Prague
Czech Cultural Center, Berlin, Germany
1996 Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York, USA
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, USA
Technische Sammlung Dresden, Dresden, Germany
“Object: Video”, Landesgalerie Linz, Austria
“Beyond Belief” Allen Memorial Arts Museum, Oberlin, USA
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, USA
1995 “Orbis Fictus”, New Media in Contemporary Arts,
National Gallery, Prague
“Artcircolo 95”, Castle Melnik by Prague
P.S.1 94-95 Studio artists, The clocktower, New York, USA
“Beyond Belief”, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago, USA
1994 600 SIAF, Seoul International Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
The 22nd Sao Paolo International Biennial Sao Paolo, Brasil
“Impermanent Places, Seven Installations from Prague”
The World Financial Center, New York, USA
“You Must Remember This”, Ronald Feldman
Fine Arts, New York, USA
“Young Artist from Prague”, Duesseldorf -
Kunstmuseum, Germany
1993 “Europe without Walls”, City Galleries,
Manchester, Great Britain
1992 “Edge 92”, Madrid - London, International
Biennial of Visual and Performance Art, Spain
1991 Light Festival of avant-garde Art under the former
Stalin monument, Prague
Sargfabrik, International Exhibition of Young
Artists, Vienna, Austria
1990 “Czech Alternative”, Galerie ULUV, Prague
Old Town Yards, open-air exhibition of
Contemporary Art, Prague
1989 “Smile, Joke and Grim”, Palace of Culture,
State Gallery, Prague
“November 89”, Manes, State Gallery, Prague
The Neostunners, Prague - underground exhibition of Art group


TV and Movies

1987 “Bridge”, Prague                                                                                                                    “Vychovatel ke strachu”, Dir P. Marek - Animation
1986 “Sounds”, Ostrava, Czech Republic"
1997 “Buttoners (Knoflíkáji)”, dir. Petr Zelenka - actor and stage designer
1998 “Prague stories”, dir A.Benki - actor and stage designer
  “Touch of picture”, FAMU, architect
2002-2004 ARTOZA, Czech TV , monthly magazine about contemporary art, screenplay and theme
2004 Zkamenělý dítě, Music video LUCIE band
2012 Karel Vas, dokument, narrator


Theater - Stage Design

1987-1990 Stage design for Theatre Rubin Praha, Prague
1999 Dir. David Czesaný, Drama Studio Ústí n.
Labem, Czech Republic
2001 George Tabori - Vídenský rízek, Dir.Jirí
Pokorný, Theatre On the Balustrade
2014 Vaclav Havel, Theatre Na zabradli, Prague


Selected Collections

SKODA Pavillion, Autostadt Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, Germany
Museum of Modern Art, San Diego, USA
German Embassy, Prague, Czech Republic
Gallery of Modern Art Olomouc
Museum Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany
Military museum, Lesany, Czech Republic
Private collections in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Greece,
GB, France etc..


Grants and Awards

2000 Chalupecky Prize, National prize for young artist,
Czech Republic
1996 Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, USA
1990 Special Prize in the Biennale of Kortrijk, Belgium


Permanent Installations

Since 2014 “Three Babies” Private Collection, Australia
  “K”, Prague Czech republic
Since 2011 “Crychloids”, Miura design hotel, Celadna,
Czech Republic
Since 2010 “Golem”, Poznan, Poland
Since 2008 “Embryo” theatre Na zabradli, Prague
Since 2006 “Metalmorphosis” fountain, Charlotte, USA,
Since 2005 “Bus Stop-Still-Life” Liberec, Czech Republic
Since 2004 “Three Babies” Middelkerke, Belgium                                                                              “Streams” Hergetova Cihelna, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Winner of II WW memorial for Prague, not realized because of political statement of author
Since 2003 “Sochy / Brownnosers” Futura Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Since 2001 “10 Dkg Tanku / A Hundred Grams of Tank”, Lázne Bohdanec, Czech Republic
“Mimina / Babies”, TV tower, Prague, Czech Republic
Since 2000 “Czech native sceen”, autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany
Since 1999 “Saint Wenceslav”, Lucerna Passage, Prague, Czech Republic
Since 1994 “Pink Tank”, Vojenske Museum (Military Technical Museum), Lesany, Czech Republic
Since 1990 “Quo Vadis”, German ambassy Prague, Czech Republic