• Berry-Plastic Gardens Installation
  • Berry - Moon Dust Trailing from His Flaming Orange Hair
  • Berry - #108
  • Berry - Liquid Landscape
  • Berry - Calming and Angry Panther
  • Berry - Plastic Gardens Installation
  • Berry - Walking on the Edge of Reality
  • Berry - Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  • Berry - Liquid Garden Installation
  • Berry - Just Keep Breathing
  • Berry - Plastic Gardens Installation

Kimber Berry 

Kimber Berry is an American abstractionist known for explosively colorful, visually dense, multidimensional canvases and installations. Through her newest series of paintings, “Plastic Gardens” and “Beautiful Decay”, she creates a dialogue around the human condition and raises important social questions as to how we live with nature. Continuing her exploration of digital and paint, reality and illusion, new and old technologies, Berry takes a closer look into the duality of societal expansion and growth. Using digitally manipulated photographs of paint, natural and plastic organic plants and flowers alongside and actually embedded in the paint, the highly manipulated surfaces of her paintings illustrate how highly manipulated nature has become.

Berry received a B.A. from the University of Southern California in 1998 and an M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University in 2001. She participated in the prestigious Painter’s Edge Residency in Idyllwild, California under noted artist Roland Reiss. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States. Kimber is also an artist member of The Artist Pension Trust



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